Friday, September 27, 2019

South Park and Libertarian Philosophy , Critical Analysis for a Final Essay

South Park and Libertarian Philosophy , Critical Analysis for a Final Exam - Essay Example He believes that comedy shows are believed to be hateful and offensive but rather these comedy shows are working in a way through which almost all messages can be delivered to the audience. Here he is basically trying to emphasize on the messages which cannot be otherwise given to the audience. Paul provides an overview of the libertarian philosophy with the help of the evaluation of the series SouthPark. In my view he is successful in providing the benefits of the free market economy through analysis of SouthPark which is further proved in this essay. The potentials of free market economy can easily be recognized by reading this article by Paul Cantor. This essay would further elaborate the messages provided by these comedy shows and would provide the points given forward by Paul Cantor. Media is influencing the mindsets of individuals regarding different entities of the world. One such entity is the business enterprises which try to enter the free market economy through intense competition. These corporations are known to be the most hated entities in the private sector by different Hollywood ventures. The corporations in the world are multinationals who have established themselves to take over their counterparts. Free economies exist all over the world in different countries but it is seen that the potential benefits of these free economies is not yet realized. The general view about free economies is that only the multinationals can dominate the market as the small businesses would not even have the chance to make it up to the money invested by these multinationals. However this view is considered to be wrong by many as free economies involve no intervention by the government and every business in this world has a right to strive towards success. The necessary re sources which a business should possess to reach the top are innovation and right

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