Thursday, September 12, 2019

Research Paper about expensive college tuition Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

About expensive college tuition - Research Paper Example Recent studies indicate that there are impacts of high tuition fees on enrollment of students to higher education. The most affected students are from the low- and middle-income families. Studies indicate that almost 60 percent of students from low-income families in United States are less likely to enroll in colleges than those from affluent families. Studies carried out in California and Los Angeles established that every increment of tuition fees by $1000 results to a 16% decline in student enrolment (Jackson & Weathersby 631). Therefore, an increase in tuition fees and decrease in student enrolment forms the basis of this paper. This paper will target colleges and students as the primary audiences. In this regard, this paper will discover the relationship between tuition fees and student enrolment in United States by answering the question â€Å"is student enrolment responsive to increment in tuition fees?† An examination of studies carried out in the past five years indicates that the effects of tuition fees increment have been a contagious issue among scholars. Evidence to support the responsiveness of students towards tuition fee prices will be supported through a review of three studies by Jackson and Weathersby (623-652), Heller (624-659) and Leslie and Brinkman (50-65). These studies will be used to support this research because of their broad range of research methodologies, broad student sample and their time variations. Given these distinctions, these articles replicate numerous accepted tenets. These studies hold that higher education is similar to other goods and services in the market and, therefore, the law of demand applies. This implies that an increase in its price will result to a decrease in its demand and thus low student enrolment. Additionally, these studies hold that the tuition price changes have distinct effects on students. For instance, a $2000 increment in tuition fees probably has distinct effects on different

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