Sunday, September 8, 2019

Road rage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Road rage - Essay Example An important piece of information regarding this survey is that the incidence of these kinds of cases rose significantly every year, over the whole period of the survey (Mizell, 1996). The roots of the term road rage are found to be in the modern news media rather than a verified research. Hence, the term is well known due to its repeated usage in communication, and not because of any scientific authenticity. It is widely used to refer to all kinds of violent acts on the road, due to its ability to attract a greater news audience (Roberts & Indermaur, 2005). Whether a driver or any other particular person is targeted or not, any kind of irrational behavior on the road is regarded as road rage. This term is attributed to crimes as small as violating traffic signals to as serious as killing a person. Hence, it is certainly safe to say that road rage is a â€Å"catch all expression for any calamity on concrete† (Bowles & Overberg, 1999). Violent acts on the road have a notable effect on both, the public attitude as well as the safety level of the roads, leading to serious consequences. For instance, due to the harmful effects of road rage, people regard it as a critical problem. This view can dissuade from using roads as a means of transportation. Furthermore, it may also lead to the abandonment of the environmentally healthy means of travel, cycling (Inquiry into Violence associated with Motor Vehicle Use by the Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee, 2005). In addition to the effects on driving, frustration on the road may also lead to a similar violent attitude in other parts of life, such as at home. There is definitive evidence to prove this theory. Hence, a potent resolution of the problem of road frustration may very well have a positive effect on attitudes, also in settings other than the road (Galovski & Blanchard, 2004). Moreover, it may also decrease the deaths and injuries resulting from traffic

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