Saturday, July 27, 2019

Respond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Respond - Essay Example an interesting way of internal organizational communication, do you think it could have an impact on customer satisfaction if used while serving them? 2. Delegation of duties and tasks is an important aspect of managers. Although managers should delegate duties and responsibilities, they should not delegate their accountability. As leaders and managers cannot accomplish all tasks by themselves, it is their duty to identify competent people from among them to handle these duties on their behalf. The fear of being accountable for the mistakes of those handling the tasks in most cases prevents leaders from delegating. Subsequently, they avoid delegating as much as they can, if they have little trust on their subordinates. At personal level, could the lack of trust on quality be a major contributing factor why you avoid getting things done through others? 3. Despite the belief that you can be self-sufficient, there are possibilities that you will find some tasks difficult to handle in various instances. Sometimes, you will find that another person’s ideas and creativity go a long way in helping you solve certain problems or handle complicated situations. This is the essence of teamwork. Every successful leader should possess these qualities. Therefore, whenever you seek the assistance of another person, this is an indication that you rely on the person to get things done, an element of delegation. Further, what are the ways in which companies can show recognition and appreciation of their employees’

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