Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Realistic painting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Realistic painting - Research Paper Example The paper "Realistic painting" explores the painting of Realism. The history of realistic paintings is dated back to early 19s, associated with great artists such as George Bellows. George Bellows is regarded as one among the great American artists. His work ranges between 1882 and 1925, with one of his famous arts been the Crowd in black and white lithograph of 1923. Among George Bellow’s reputation is his early work about powerful boxing matches and the realistic tenement life in New York City. George also painted the city landscape and seascape, battle scenes, and portraits, with illustrations and prints. George’s work was out of influence and real life experience in the United States at that time. Most of his arts portray the dynamic and challenging nature of life in America at early twentieth century and over its first decade. In this print, George Bellows expressed the vitality of urban life through a dynamic contrast of light and dark. The intense illumination fr om a street lightly reveals an anxious and pressing crowd tightly packed into a confining space. This painting is dark in tone; many different people fill with the whole image, capturing fleeting moments. Before American Independence, most of the American artists grew and learnt in European. Over the 19 century, a large number of American artists went to Germany, France, Britain and other countries to study .This is the most probable link of confusion between the American artist's works and European artist’s work.

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