Friday, July 26, 2019

Information system technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Information system technology - Essay Example As the company’s business has expanded through the course of previous years, the company’s management feels appropriate that they should offer their products via the internet. With the help of internet and online servicing, the company will be able to move towards more expansion of its business of coffee. With the inauguration of information technology in the company, there will be more chances for the customers to gain access to company products within no time. The company is also interested in initiating their own coffee bar business. With the help of internet and information technology, the company will be able to connect all its offices and newly constructed bars with online networking. The company will be able to get orders through their online website, which will enhance their chance of business expansion. For considering the solution of internet technology for the expansion of business of coffee, all the companies have to consider all the costs that they will encounter while implementing the system. Rista Coffees Limited will have to provide training facilities to its employees so that they can be able to make use of computerization and can be able to conduct all the duties fixed for them. The company’s financial establishment indicates that the company can develop its system into a network that is able to connect all the company. MIS (Management Information System) is the best option for the company’s internal automation and networking of all procedures while for company’s external networking in form of online processing of order, an order processing system is required by the company. For online order processing system, the company has to develop a website, which will work as getting orders from the customers, generation of invoices, containing customer details and other details concerning the processing of orders related to coffee sale and purchase. All the computer systems that are

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