Monday, November 4, 2019

Pollution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pollution - Research Paper Example Evidently, pollution has been in existence since the dawn of mankind. These pollutions have been mostly due to natural causes arising from the Earth’s natural processes such as volcanic activity or sedimentation caused by river flows. However, the Earth possesses its own purifying systems that are in a capacity of counterbalancing the adverse effects of pollution. On the other hand, the Earth’s natural purifying systems have a limit to what it can adequately control. To this end, the acceleration of pollution due to rapid industrialization and unsustainable practices by man, has led to the compounding of pollution effects across earth’s ecosystem levels. At this juncture, the United Nations Environmental Program have defined pollution as the inclusion of contaminants into a pristine environment that consequently degrades its quality, and leads to detrimental effects. Evidently, pollution stems from two principal sources; natural source and manmade sources or indu strial sources. Moreover, there are myriad types of pollution that accrue from pollution. To this end, these types of pollution include, air, water, noise, visual, soil, waste, food, light and construction pollution. The subsequent section will intricately delve into the two sources and types of pollution. Moreover, an in depth analysis of the effects of pollution on the environment, health, and animals will be highlighted. Finally, the report will recommend measures of preventing and reducing pollution in Dubai. The natural sources of pollution refer to contaminants are introduced by natural processes as opposed to manmade processes. Evidently, these natural sources affect the air water and soil. To this end, natural sources include toxic gases produced by volcanic eruptions (BTNEP). These gases are mostly nitrogen dioxide, and sulphur dioxide that contribute to the changing of chemical processes such as acidification of rainwater. Moreover, the heat generated during a volcanic eruption increases

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