Friday, November 1, 2019

Homeless on Campus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Homeless on Campus - Essay Example The article has discussed the plight of a number of college students who have been rendered homeless. The first one is Aesha who happens to be in her last semester in college. Aesha became homeless after she walked out of the three bedroom apartment that she shared with her son, her son’s father, her mother’s boyfriend as well as her mother. Aesha and her son left the three bedroom apartment mainly because her son’s father became a violent. Physical abuse from a partner is quite devastating both for the victim as well as other close family members that witness. It is even a criminal offence for a person to engage in domestic violence. The physical abuse would not only have caused a direct harm to Aesha but also an indirect harm in her studies as she is a student. It is not possible for any student to juggle family work, school work and an abusive partner. I therefore agree in entirety with the decision that Aesha made of leaving her son’s father. This woul d save both her physical health as well as her emotional health. She will therefore at least be able to concentrate in hers studies despite the homelessness challenges that she might face. After leaving the three bedroom apartment, Aesha was forced to spend her nights in a temporary shelter for one month. This was quite dangerous for the life of her son as well as her. Safety is never guaranteed in temporary shelters in the cities. Her son was also exposed to dangerous conditions in that shelter house as he was likely to catch various diseases like a common cold. The next shelter that Aesha and her son landed in after spending their nights at the shelter house was the emergency assistance unit that was located in the city. The living conditions in this place were equally atrocious as the place was filled with a crowd of people. Sleep was not comfortable at all and benches were used as beds. This would only have aided in causing backaches for the users of those beds. From the article it is also

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