Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tell us about 2 activities that is important to you, and why (1 page Essay

Tell us about 2 activities that is important to you, and why (1 page per activity) - Essay Example In similar terms, societal predicaments seem to fascinate a number of people, challenging them to ethically reflect on past transgressions before moving forward towards promising prospects (Katz 70). In a way, reading news articles can make people recall things that had already happened, but still have a way of influencing the habits of the present. All these are important points that are deemed logical to the reason behind the practice of reading daily newspapers. On the part of the writer, all these partly account for the reasons why news articles are important. Most importantly, the act of reading relevant news can stimulate the mind of an academic individual. Although not all people claim this as such, there is a cognitive development happening when new pieces of information are assimilated. Old beliefs are replaced, while blank slates in the mind are rejuvenated. All in all, the act of reading news articles fulfills not only the natural instinct of every person to learn, at best , it promotes the learned response exhibited by a well-read individual. The more one learns, the more open-minded the behavior is towards self and environment in general.

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