Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale Essay

I think that it is important to understand where you are in your nursing practice. After completing the Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale, I realize that I still have a lot more experience to gain as a nurse. I believe that nurses must be life-long learners to stay current in the ever-changing field of healthcare. I have only been a nurse for two years. Before beginning the test, I thought that with my few years of experience, I would be a novice nurse. However, I am a competent nurse. According to Arnold and Boggs (2011) the competent nurse â€Å"views the clinical picture from a broader perspective and is more confident about his or her role in health care† (p. 127). I have been organized and able to manage my time successfully. I feel that I can consciously make decisions without direct supervision. I can assess the patient and look at all the variables before proceeding with care. I can think more long term now than I did in the beginning. I feel that in order to improve my communication skills in the healthcare setting, I have to continue to think more long-term. I need to stop being so task-oriented and start looking at the patient as a whole. Instead of doing something just because it’s ordered, I need to be diligent and make sure it is appropriate for my patient’s specific condition. I realize how important it is to be able to communicate with the physicians. We are with the patients much more than they are, and we are their eyes and ears. I feel that it is also vital to have good communication with the patients and their families. They depend on us to be honest in all that we do. When the patient trusts us, they will be more open with us. My facility does bedside shift report. I think this is important because it gives the oncoming nurse the chance to understand what the patient is going to need for the next 12 hours. It also gives the patient the opportunity to become involved in their care. As nurses, we are always communicating so it is  important to make sure that we do it correctly and efficiently. References Arnold, E., & Boggs, K. U. (2011). Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses (6th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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