Saturday, December 21, 2019

Zynga From Jewel Quest to Worl of War Craft - 2608 Words

Zynga From Jewel Quest to World of War Craft, gaming has become a nook online. Combing power socials networks such as Facebook, a social network game was developed. Zynga, an American company is the provider of popular social media games today. Zynga was founded in July 2007, and headquartered in San Francisco, California by Mark Pincus. Zynga became one of the world’s fastest growing companies online. Zynga the name originated by the company’s CEO Mark Pincus’ late African bulldog, Zynga. The company uses a bull dog as their logo. Zynga launched its best known game, Farmville on Facebook in August 2009. Farmville reached 10 million daily active users within six weeks of the launch. As of January 2013 Zynga reached over 265 million daily users. Zynga had reached three of the top five games on Facebook which included Farmville, Texas Hold’Em poker and Chef Ville. Advertising on Facebook was fairly low, buying traffic was cheap. Many of Zynga games were played by desktop. Zynga was doing fairly well but soon everything changed and they could not recover back. â€Å"We founded Zynga with the simple premise that people could put play back in their lives,† Zynga CEO Mark Pincus said at the start of the event. â€Å"We have a lot further to still go to accomplish our mission of connecting the world through games.†(Mark Pincus- CEO of Zynga) Zynga games are available on almost all major platforms which include, Apple IOS, Google Android, Google plus +, Facebook and

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