Sunday, October 6, 2019

Natural, Herbal, and Vitamin Supplements Research Paper

Natural, Herbal, and Vitamin Supplements - Research Paper Example Each day, online sites are flooded with people looking for every kind of health-related information. Their searches range from information pertaining to remedies for health problems to preventive health care. In order to market their supplements, companies through the media place a wide range of advertisements that are enticing to consumers (Vaskovarzic 1). Each site gives the impression that their product is the ultimate solution to health problems. Given that consumers are desperate for solutions, they are usually easily convinced to purchase these supplements. Sometimes, reviews from people who give testimonies on how some of the supplements are effective to increase people’s urge to purchase. Media has also contributed a lot towards creating an image that is at times deceiving to people (123HelpMe 1). Online photos show pictures of flawless people especially celebrities. In some circumstances, media will highlight specific supplements that these celebrities use to acquire the perfect look. The fact that everyone wants to look good becomes a triggering factor for online shopping for supplements based on judgment from online images. Media has created awareness about the existence of various supplements. If it were not for the media, people would be less knowledgeable. In addition to this, issues such as availability and price have been made possible through the media. From anywhere in the world, people can compare and eventually purchase every kind of supplement they want. The process of placing an order is easy (Teichner and Lesko 1). This convenience encourages online shopping (Teichner and Lesko 1). Moreover, through television talks and interviews, media plays a role in publicizing supplements.  Media is so powerful that it can either help or harm people. In everyday life, people are in connection with media through television, radio and the internet hence accessibility to information. Through the influence of magazine pictorials and television commercials, people are negatively affected. When media is abused, it influences people unconsciously to attempt things that are harmful to their health. Media ofte n presents the picture of a perfect body with the aim of getting attention and in the long run marketing certain products. When people fail to acquire the perfect body after consuming particular supplements, they go for alternative supplements. This process increases dependency on particular products hence creating emotional conflicts in most cases.

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